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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss NY So Far!

I'm finally getting around to giving you all an update! This week is FLYING by and I have had zero time to catch up on the computer since mine is broken. Thus, this blog will be short and sweet. Hopefully, when I get home, I'll be able to spruce it up a bit! Thankfully, though, we were done early tonight!! The past few days were absolutely amazing. New York has such an amazing group of women vying for this wonderful opportunity. Each girl here is so connected with her platform, talented and on top of that...beautiful! Monday we had an entire day of appearances throughout this amazing and quite historic city followed by an ENORMOUS steak dinner provided by Angelo's Prime 677 Steakhouse. Tuesday was the most fun this far. In the morning we went to help Habitat for Humanity and all of us built an entire staircase! We were so proud. I personally got to use two of the huge power saws- I felt like a rock star (no lie). After Habitat, we came back to the campus to change and get all dressed up for our visit to the Capitol. We were able to visit the assembly and take pictures with quite a few of the assemblymen along with getting a modified tour of the Capitol building...so beautiful! Following the Capitol was my absolute favorite part of this week- visiting Girls Inc.! Man, they were sooooo excited to see all of us. The girls were thrilled to put on all of our crowns and banners to parade around the room. We had a bit of a question and answer session for the young ladies before coupling with one of them to chat and sign autographs for a bit before we were off! Yesterday was full of rehearsals...dance, dance and more dance...then a little interview prep. My interview was this morning and I ROCKED it! I've never felt so great about an interview in my life and I am glad it's over so the fun stuff can begin. I just hope I am putting it all out there...BIG PICTURE!
Sorry to be so short, but time is tickin'! I will follow up with pictures this weekend! Love you all and thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for your prayers!

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