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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grand Opening of Luna Park

Joelle and I at the new Luna Park ticket booth.

Wow! It's been too long since I have given you an update. Everything just seems to be going a mile-a-minute! I spent this last weekend in Alabama and it was a much needed boost of last-minute adrenaline to kick me in to high gear for Miss New York! The wardrobe is...drum roll please......FINISHED!
With the exception of a few odds and ends jewelry pieces and the arrival of my swim suit, I am so pleased that everything is accounted for. Now... if we could just get this show on the road!

It was great to be able to see my family and friends! I'm finding that it can be a little bit difficult to stay on top of the game here all by myself, BUT my eyes are on the big picture and I know that the difficult times are just testing that theory. BIG PICTURE....right, Court? I was able to jam-pack shopping for interview attire, getting my hair done, p90x, ZUMBA, doing a little bit of interview prep and hanging out with my family and friends into...oh, you know....3 short days! I will say, though, that I am MOST excited about my swim suit that is being made. I've never had a custom swim suit and it is going to be tough! Not that the swim suit itself actually matters, but Don Baker is right.... hair, make-up and wardrobe must be in place (and let me tell you...that swim suit alone makes me feel "open and out-ward!") Aside from that, I tried on my evening gown when I got home...at Miss Brooklyn it was too small...now...IT'S TOO BIG! YAY!

Yesterday, Miss Brooklyn's OT, Joelle, and I were so honored to be a part of the Grand Opening of Luna Park at Coney Island. Upon arriving we were thrilled to take some promotional pictures on the new tea-cup ride! We took tons of photos with all of the painted faces around us and made a lot of new friends. Kristie, the Luna Park Events Coordinator, was kind enough to let us speak for a moment about the Miss America/ Miss New York/ Miss Brooklyn Organizations and then introduce the awesome band, The Alex Lodico Ensemble! The event was short and sweet for us, but I didn't let it stop there. A few friends of mine came along for the ride and they were lucky enough to enjoy the Cyclone while I was busy! After, we all scored a corn dog (eeeek! I know!) from one of the Coney Island vendors and enjoyed the rest of the day on the boardwalk. Talk about an AWESOME Saturday afternoon!

Being interviewed by Allison Hauns from WPIX!

We thought that Mr. Luna Park was worth taking a picture of...:)

A handsome by-stander that just HAD to get a picture. Just kidding... this is Ben!

Now, I am getting ready to step it up for the next three weeks! I'm adding cardio to every p90x work out and really trimming down. I've got about 5 lbs of fat to burn and 5 to turn into muscle. It's going to happen, people! I've said it once and I'll say it again....a few pounds will not keep me from achieving something i've worked a long time for. Along with that, i'm kicking the current event following into high-gear... which means out with Glee and in with channel 10 news! Haha I can not WAIT for Albany!

Last thing on the agenda (well, for this blog) is to thank the many people who were SO, so kind in donating to Children's Miracle Network for Miss New York on my behalf. I know that the young people across this nation who rely on Children's Miracle Network are eternally grateful for your kind hearts and giving spirits! Mary Lynn Bryan, Paulette Leon, Sean Snow, Sherrie Stanyard, Jaime Moore and Denise Cooper- Thank you so much for believing in me! I hope to continue to make you proud! :)

With love,


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