Miss Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, first of all...I lied in my last post. That is not my judges book picture. In fact, I have no idea why I thought even for a second that it was. Haha! Maybe a temporary moment of stressed out insanity? Eh...either way, THAT picture is the one in the judges book. :)

Now, on to the real reason I am blogging today- P90X. Yes. Kill me. I started last night and I already feel like i'm going to be the leanest, meanest pageant machine of all time. OK not really, but I can already tell that it's going to be hard...and worth it. The only thing that I have ever let get me down, or hold me back concerning pageants has been my weight. Uhm... not this time, folks. I have no reason to let 10 or so pounds keep me from accomplishing something that i've waited and worked a LONG time to do.

With that being said, any encouraging words or thoughts... or prayers....or dollars(wait.. just kidding...kind of)... or annnnnnything to keep me motivated- send 'em my way!

Also, all of you kind people who love me so much....want to donate a little more to CMN so that I may reach my goal in the next couple of days? AWESOME! I knew you'd want to... ;)

Thats all for today, folks. Apologies for the informal-ness that just happened, but...well.... that's just how I feel today.

Love you all!


  1. i think if you blog daily about this p90x it will be easier for us to comment and motivate you...hehe

  2. I totally just cried reading your blog. You're so amazing, Mal. A true inspiration to women everywhere. I can't get over what a well-spoken, classy, and smart lady you've grown up to be. I'm very proud of you. <3