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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Cancer Society's Pink and Black Tie Gala

On Thursday May 6, 2010, I was honored to be able to attend the American Cancer Society's Pink and Black Tie Gala at Brooklyn's Steiner Studios. It was an amazing evening and a stylish tribute to the people of Brooklyn who have succeeded on stage and screen. The evening was hosted by TLC's What Not to Wear personality, Stacy London who was incredibly warm and inviting. The evening consisted of a cocktail hour and silent auction, followed by a multitude of performances, dining and ended on the dance floor.
I was fortunate enough to be a part of the cocktail hour where an enormous amount of media were present (YAY Miss Brooklyn Org!). I was interviewed on the 'pink carpet' and treated like quite the celebrity. It was all very exciting! I was able to mingle with many prominent Brooklyn names and get the Miss America Organization "bug" in their ear. I even gained a few appearances for the Miss Brooklyn Organization all thanks to the opportunity to be a part of
this amazing evening. After the night was over I started to think that maybe my career should be in PR!

I was able to meet Steve Cohen of the Brooklyn Cyclones, JuanCarlos Gonzales of World Heritage Cultural Center, Peter Hedges (author of What's Eating Gilbert Grape, playwright and novelist), Tina Suganh the Bollywood pop star, Alex McCord of the Housewives of NY and, of course, Stacy London. The most memorable person I met, though, was a guest of Stacy's named Sara. She was extremely sweet and kind enough to take a photo of Stacy and I so that I would be able to put it on my blog. Thanks, Sara!!!
Basically, it was an awesome experience and one I will surely never forget! The fight against cancer is growing stronger thanks to the many sponsors and volunteers for the organization. The Pink and Black Tie Gala raised over $200,000.00 that everning.... not too shabby! I am so grateful for that evening and the many more to come with the American Cancer Society this summer!

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