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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miss New Generation Pageant

KayAna Williams and I after her performance on stage.

Hello, all!

So I had my first appearance today. Boy, do I miss having my own car! It took me FIVE busses to get to good 'ole 48th street and Farragut for the Miss New Generation pageant, but it was absolutely worth it! Although, I'm sad to say, I didn't get to stay for the entire thing. :( (Miss Brooklyn has to make rent somehow!)

However(!), I was thoroughly impressed with all of the young ladies who competed this afternoon! According to their lovely mistress of ceremonies, Amaris, each of these aspiring beauty queens met for a month before today to rehearse their production. Considering that the contestants were all under the age of 10, I would have to say that's an accomplishment in itself. They began the afternoon with a crowd- pleasing production number (which I've posted a small portion of below), followed by special entertainment from a charming gentleman, Damien. KeyAna Williams (former Miss Brooklyn's Outstanding Teen- pictured above) took the stage with an up-beat jazz dance as well. The first phase of competition for the girls was "Outfit of Choice." Each young lady was asked to pick an occasion and dress accordingly. They were really creative! My favorite was Allison Paul. Allison chose a "tea party" for her special outing and her attire was complete with a tea cup and teddy bear. The last phase of competition I was able to stay for was talent. I've included a short clip of Ashanti Davis' rendition of "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. All of the girls were fantastic!

I hate it, but I still do not know who won! I'm sure I'll be seeing an update soon...

Hey I'm just glad there will be a new "queen" to take over the Brooklyn media!

A big thanks to Jay and Mary for their wonderful 'reality' video on the Miss Brooklyn pageant.


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Later gators!


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