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Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving On!

Goodness! It seems that so much has happened for me in the past couple of weeks. It's crazy that it hasn't even been an entire month since Miss New York! When I returned home, I told you all that I had decided to take the leap of faith in to the entertainment industry. Well... it proved to be successful! I was offered a job from the very first audition. Talk about crazy! At first, I decided that I would be taking that job, but as the past week or two has unraveled, I am reconsidering my options. With Radio City Rockette auditions coming up, as well as a few other opportunities for stage, I think I am going to stick around NYC (which is really exciting to me.....and Ben)!!

I will say that I am a little disappointed that making such a rash decision means that I opted out of going to the National Sweetheart Pageant at the end of August. However, I am SO glad that Hannah will be representing the state of NY. I know for sure that she will do an amazing job!

With that being said, I am feeling the itch to start applying to schools for the spring semester. Although I have been doing my fair share of research, there are a few schools in particular that appeal to me! Let's hope that one of them works in my favor. :)

On top of all of that, this means that I have the opportunity to do a preliminary and also be a part of the Miss Brooklyn Pageant in October (originally I was going to be gone)! For all of this, I am very excited.

Now back to the world of Miss Brooklyn, Joelle and I have an amazing appearance this coming Sunday at the Brooklyn Cyclones Game! We will be playing the Staten Island Yankees at 5:00 AND it's Jewish Heritage Night! Wahooo!

Be looking for an update on Monday!

Mucho Amor,

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