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Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Good to be Miss Brooklyn...

You know... it has taken me a while to realize that being Miss Brooklyn may be the best title in the Miss New York system that i'll ever have. Being the reigning queen of this prideful borough is proving to have some major benefits, but also giving me a huge voice (one i'm not sure I knew I had).
Last Thursday, I was invited by Mr. Brooklyn himself to attend Brooklyn's "Good Beer" event at BAM. It was amazing!! I mean, I have no photos to prove it, but I swear it was a great time! There were representatives from every local beer company there to promote their one-of-a-kind ale and a zillion Brooklyn restaurants to promote their delicious food. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time next year... for $40, you can taste all of Brooklyn and drink all you want! Now, with that being said, it is also a wonderful networking opportunity. Hanging out with Jeremy (Mr. Brooklyn), I was able to meet a lot of great people in the Brooklyn community.
After the "Good Beer" event, Jeremy and I headed on over to Morton's Steakhouse in DUMBO to attend the American Cancer Society kickoff party! As I said before, I have been invited to be a member of the American Cancer Society's Pink and Black Tie Gala committee for next year. The kickoff party ended up being a small gathering of Brooklyn business owners, public relations representatives and socialites alike. Every person there brought something completely different to the table in hopes of creating something bigger and better than last year's event (which was amazing, by the way). The evening consisted of a small presentation about the Pink and Black Tie Gala and what will be needed to make this coming year another success. I think, and this took a LOT of thought, that I will be a part of the social networking committee (hard one, I know)!! But honestly, I think as much time as I spend updating facebook, twitter, my blog, etc. that I would do a great job promoting the Gala for next year via the web! :) I am actually extremely excited about it.
While at Morton's, I had such an extraordinary opportunity to meet so many people who were interested in the Miss Brooklyn Org. and the possibility of becoming committee members, scholarship donors or even just sponsors! It is amazing how every small opportunity can lead to a world of others. My ability to make the connection and relationship with the American Cancer Society has lead to, not only, personal gain through charity work, but also a trillion networking finds!
Joelle and I have a few appearances coming up, i'll be keeping you updated!

Until then...


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